We take care of those who take care of others

Doximity looks to make clinicians' lives easier, so they can do their job more efficiently. We look to improve clinician communication, continuing education, and employment inefficiencies.

Our Research & Development team consist of engineers, scientists, physicians, editorial, and designers.

Improve Clinical Communication

We’re building more powerful and efficient communication technology for health care. Streamlining clinical communication improves patient care and is a core part of our mission objective.


Doximity’s telehealth platform is in use by hundreds of thousands of physicians, in every state and every major health system in the country. As health care increasingly moves into the virtual space, we are making sure that clinicians have tools that put them—and their patients—first.

Digital Faxing

Most hospitals and medical offices, sadly, still rely on fax machines. We’re changing that with digital faxing, giving physicians cutting edge mobile tools that play nicely with health care’s legacy systems.

Medically Relevant Content

We've built an easy way for clinicians to stay up to date with the latest medical information. Clinicians can even earn CME (Continuing Medical Education) credit through our platform.

Empower Students of Medicine

We support clinicians, no matter what stage they are at in their careers. We've built specialized tools for medical students, so they can make the best decisions to grow their medical knowledge.

An Easier Path to a Better Career

Clinicians get access to the best career opportunities available on our platform. Getting clinicians connected to right career opportunities helps clinicians grow, improving the medical community as a whole.

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