Doximity Tech Digest #1

Apr 24, 2015 | Rodrigo Kochenburger

A Pragmatic Guide to Backbone.js Apps

This is a very interesting series of articles about a proper usage Backbone.js. I especially like the “Using events like a boss” section.

3 Ways to Do Eager Loading (Preloading) in Rails 3 & 4

This post explains the different ways of preloading data using ActiveRecord.

To Understand Code You Have to Build a Mental Model

How to become a better programmer by learning how you understand code.

The http.HandlerFunc Wrapper Technique in #golang

A good explanation and examples of how to achieve a middleware stack with Go’s plain net/http stdlib.

The Log: What Every Software Engineer Should Know About Real-Time Data's Unifying Abstraction

This is an older article but it’s really good. It explains the Log data structure, when it’s useful, and how LinkedIn used it internally to scale their system and continues to use it. It’s worth mentioning that this later resulted in the Kafka project.

Call Me Maybe: MongoDB Stale Reads

Aphyr is one of the leading experts in distributed systems, specifically databases. The focus of the article is MongoDB’s flaws in data consistency, but it comes with a lot of good explanation and examples on the subject.