Doximity Tech Digest #10

Sep 01, 2015 | Rodrigo Kochenburger

Machine Learning Made Simple with Ruby

How is it possible to make automatic classification work properly without resorting to using external prediction services? Starting with Bayesian classification, you can use the ruby gem classifier-reborn to create a Latent Semantic Indexer. Hands on!

Thinking in React

Pete Hunt walks you through the process of creating a React.js application, explaining the process and how to think the React.js way.

Go and Ruby-FFI

How to write a shared library in Go that can be loaded by Ruby-FFI.

Profiling & Optimizing in Go

Transcript of a talk going through the tools and strategies for profiling and optimizing Go.

Best practices for a new Go developer

Read what Gophers from across the world have to say to the question — “What best practices are most important for a new Go developer to learn and understand?”