Doximity Tech Digest #2

Articles & Presentations

May 06, 2015 | Rodrigo Kochenburger

Keynote: Architecture the Lost Years

This is a really good talk from Uncle Bob Martin about architecture.

The DRY Obsession

The Don't Repeat Yourself principle is important. But it's not the only important principle or consideration for software design. Like all good things, it should be used with caution and forethought.

Elements of Scale: Composing and Scaling Data Platforms

Very good write-up about how memory hierarchy is important when designing data platforms and how that impacts performance.

CraftConf 2015 – did someone say microservices?

Some notes around all the microservices-related talks at CraftConf2015. You can also check out the videos for all talks on

An Introduction to JavaScript-based DDoS

Cloudflare explains how JS-based DDoS attacks work and how to mitigate them.

The Architecture Twitter Uses To Deal With 150M Active Users, 300K QPS, A 22 MB/S Firehose, And Send Tweets In Under 5 Seconds

The article is a basic list of bullet points, but it explains in a high-level how twitter handles its scale.

Ruby Hash Initializing – Why Do You Think You Have a Hash, But You Have an Array

Interesting insight into Ruby’s hash implementation.

Libraries & Tools


Lotus is a new Ruby framework with a focus on architecture and code de-coupling. It really shines on separating domain/business logic from the framework and delivery system. I think it’s an interesting idea and I’d keep an eye on it.

Caddy Server

New modern zero-conf HTTP server that supports HTTP/2.0 with a focus on modern web applications.


HTML elements morphing JS library. It’s pretty cool.