Modularizing Rails Monoliths One Bite at a Time

Using the packwerk gem and an iterative approach to simplify applications

Dec 05, 2023 | Marc Reynolds

As Rails monoliths grow, coupling becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Developers often reach for microservices to help simplify things, but instead find higher complexity. The Modular Monolith approach is a proven, lightweight alternative that offers the benefits of enforced boundaries without being cumbersome. I spoke at the 2023 Rocky Mountain Ruby conference on how teams can use a phased approach to refactoring toward this style using the packwerk gem. At Doximity, we've used this gem and a phased approach to break some of our most critical rails applications into modules that are easier for our teams to work with.

In November, 2023, I also chatted with Elise Shaffer on The Ruby on Rails Podcast about our experience with application modularization at Doximity.

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