The Rails Foundation

Doximity has joined the Rails Foundation as a Founding Core Member

Nov 14, 2022 | Bruno Miranda

Physicians First has been our mantra from day one. Over the last twelve years, we've leveraged Ruby on Rails to build the largest network of U.S. medical professionals (including over 80% of U.S. physicians). Our mission is to help physicians be more productive so they can provide better care for their patients. Ruby on Rails has enabled us to build products that provide doctors with modern telehealth (used by 370,000 unique physicians), communication, workflow, and continuing medical education.

We love building innovative technology that has a real, meaningful impact on physicians’ and patients’ lives. We will continue investing and building products to help make medical professionals more effective. To us, the Ruby on Rails framework and its ecosystem is still the best tool for the job.

We're happy to announce that we're joining the Rails Foundation as one of eight founding core members. We look forward to contributing to this non-profit organization and providing important resources to help ensure the Ruby on Rails ecosystem remains healthy and continues to thrive for decades to come.

-- Bruno Miranda
vp, eng