What to Look for in a Job

Ruby Rogues interview with Sarah Reid and Valentino Stoll

Feb 04, 2022 | Bruno Miranda

Charles Max Wood, from the Ruby Rogues podcast, sits down with Valentino Stoll and Sarah Reid to discuss their awesome experience working at Doximity. They talk about the REAL reason people will stay or leave a job, how Doximity eliminates burnout, and why you ABSOLUTELY should apply to Doximity this year.

In This Episode

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  1. What you should look for in a remote job in 2022
  2. The REAL reason people either stay or leave a job after a few years
  3. Interested in Doximity? Here’s why you SHOULD apply this year (especially if you want to work remotely)
  4. How Doximity eliminates burnout and keeps everyone in sync (and why other companies don’t!)

See open positions here: https://workat.doximity.com/

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