Jake Konoske


Jake is a product manager at Doximity. He is a proud UC Berkeley Alum with a penchant for good coffee, waves and snow.

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James Klein

James is a Web Developer at Doximity. He earned a bachelors in Information Science from Northeastern University and has been in the startup scene most of his career. When not contributing to the internet, James is typically outside biking, rock climbing, or skiing. He also loves to travel and takes every opportunity to do so.

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Jason Bornhoft


DevOps Engineer, Security | Doximity

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Jessica Emerson

Engineering Manager, iOS

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Kayvan Najafzadeh

Kayvan is a Mobile Software Engineer at Doximity. He graduated with bachelor of computer science from University of California Berkeley.

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Marc Reynolds

Marc is an Engineering Manager with Doximity where he builds software to make doctors' lives easier. He's been working in Ruby for more than a decade and loves the beauty and simplicity of the language. When away from his computer, you'll find Marc training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or snowboarding in Taos, New Mexico.

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Mark Brouch


Mark is a Software Engineer at Doximity, specializing in Front-End Development. Outside of web development, Mark enjoys hiking, travel, and photography.

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Michael Fessenden

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