Mark Brouch

Mark is a Software Engineer at Doximity, specializing in Front-End Development. Outside of web development, Mark enjoys hiking, travel, photography, and the recreational sport of air hockey where he is a world-ranked player.

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Norm Barnard

Norm Barnard is a senior iOS developer at Doximity. When he's not writing software he's out making photographs or riding bicycles.

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Ryan Stawarz

Ryan earned a bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a masters in Computer Science from De Paul University. When not organizing bits in the virtual world, he enjoys swimming, biking and running. But only in the free moments between being a devoted husband and dedicated father of three wonderful children.

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Samuel Hart

Sam's first experience was hacking on a PDP-11 when he was 4 years old at a local university. Two years later he received an Atari 400 as a gift and taught himself to code. These days, Sam spends his time building test automation tooling and frameworks. As a hobby, Sam plays and collects video games, with thousands of games in his collection.

Sarah Reid

Software Engineer at Doximity

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Sebastian DeLuca

Sebastian is a Product Manager at Doximity. When he's not putting together roadmaps and writing user stories, he can be found drinking scotch and musing over crazy startup ideas (likely at the same time).

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