Andrew Cooke

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Anna Ransbotham-Cole

Anna Ransbotham-Cole is the Director of Data Science & Analytics for Doximity's News products.

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Body Taing

I live in Hawaii. When I'm not surfing or playing airsoft, I build user experiences.

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Bruno Miranda


Bruno started writing software at the age of 14. By chance C was the first language he learned, although today he probably doesn't remember it. Bruno spends most of his day solving problems. His hobbies are photography, architecture and coffee.

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Bushra Anjum


Bushra Anjum, Ph.D., is an analytics program manager and data lead at San Francisco based startup Doximity. A data science enthusiast, she is experienced in analyzing large datasets, building complex aggregates, creating data visualizations, and conducting multivariate statistical analysis and predictive modeling. Anjum has been recognized by Tribune as a Top 20 under 40 professional for career excellence with a deep commitment to community service. Dr. Anjum can be contacted via

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Chris Johnson

Android developer with a love for all things compose!

Ellis Berner


Ellis graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in both Information Technology and Business. When not Vimming, he enjoys cooking, cycling and the board game Go. He believes in TDD, A/B testing, and remapping caps lock to escape.

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Emmanuel Lagarrigue Lazarte

Android Software Engineer. Passionate about Code Quality and Software Architecture. Teacher constantly learning.

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